Now What? An Original Webseries by Moi!

I’m developing a webseries! I’m so excited! I don’t want to give out too much information because I don’t want anyone to steal my idea, but here’s a video of me explaining what we are planning to do! We start filming July 14th!



Big, Curly Hair!!!

I’ve been rocking this weave since the beginning of February and it’s still holding up pretty well! (Shout out to my hair stylist!) But i’ve changed the look several times. i went from having bangs to a side part to a part down the middle and back to the side part. I’ve worn is straight, in a ponytail, wavy and curly. Well this week I got a new flat iron (Fahrenheit, TJMaxx $25 on sale) that came with a mini flat iron. I used my purchase to try out a new do. Check out the big, curly hair!!!

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DIY Nails

DIY Nails

Mar 24

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Ok, so i couldn’t get the stilletto nails last week because my nails were too short but I had the bright idea to grab a nail pen from Meijer and try to imitate a pattern on my nails. Now, I am left handed so my right hand turned out great! But the left hand….questionable. I did however love the nail pen! It was my first time using one and they are very easy to use and create some cool patterns if you’re creative. I used Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black on top of my summer pink Essie color from my previous fill in (i can’t remember the name of the color). When I get my nails done this week, i’ll get the stiletto nails and try either a pastel mani or a dark and edgy mani.


The inspiration

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Jewelry Haul!

Mar 19

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OMG….did I stock up. Icing had their beloved 5 for $10 promotion (it used to be 10 for $10) and i went a little ape sh*t….not only that but my mom sells handbags and jewelry and i bought a few things from her. AND…i bought 3 new pairs of sunglasses! My closet looks like an accessories store. 0_O

A look at my closet jewelry wall....!!! and im no where near done...

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New Obsession: NBC’s Fashion Star

Mar 14

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So NBC has been rocking this season with fab choices for primetime television. The latest addition to the line up is Fashion Star, a fashion competition like no other. On this show, designers compete against each other to win bids from three top stores; Saks, H&M and Mac’ys. After the designers showcase their looks on a tricked out, dancer filled runway, the mentors (John Varatos, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie) give their opinions and then hand it over to the buyer. It is then the buyers decision whether they want to offer up a bid to purchase the designers item to sell  in stores and online the VERY NEXT DAY! How dope?

Ok, so this week six designers won bids and a chauvinistic, ego baring designer who paired a motorcycle jacked with denim shorts (on a man no less) was booted off. Here are the five designers and their winning looks! (from top to bottom:Nizimiro Oputa, Sarah Parrott, Edmond Newton, Lizzie Parker and Orly Shani) BTW: Almost 3 of the pieces sold have already sold out online! 





Nikki Poulos’ design is not pictured but was sold at Macy’s.

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Yes It Is True : The Heauxs Are Truly Winning

Mar 14

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The gossip mills were churning today about the news that reality villain star Evelyn Lozada was in the market to make about $300,00 dollars to let the cameras record the staged scenes events leading up to her and Chad Ochocinco’s summer wedding. And then that got me thinking. Vanessa Bryant got more than 75 million(And she wasn’t with him shooting in the gym!!! Sorry lol) Kim Z. got a footballer, baby, and a new mansion. Maliah’s stripping self got money, gifts, and trips out of Sean Kington’s tricking ass and she didn’t even give up the goods! Or my personal favorite Marlo of RHOA who has 236889541245 pairs of Louboutins with no job or occupation o_O #swag

Are the days of being a ride or die over?? Has reality tv and culture made it to the point where every girl wants to be a “real” housewife, athlete wife, or hip…

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“Roll up resentment. Lig…

“Roll up resentment. Light up the past. Inhale the good shit. Exhale the bullshit.”

Get High Den….

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Love and War Chapters 1-3

Mar 12

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This is a fictional book that I’m currently writing. Hopefully i’ll finish it and get it published but the draft that you’re reading is a rough, non-edited 1st version.   Its about Amare Dent, a young and successful record label owner who  runs into some girl problems that may end up being the downfall of his business. Hope you enjoy!


“Easy for a good girl to go bad, and once we’re gone, gone, there’s a belief we’re gone forever” -Rihanna

You want to know why good girls go bad? It’s because good girls never win. Guys  who have good girls go chasing after BAD bitches who are chasing BAD boys who are always too busy chasing a dollar or another BAD bitch to be concerned. And where do the good girls end up? They wind up single, bitter and halfway crazy because too many niggas have used and abused her. You see, I was a good girl once. Yeah, I’d come from a decent home, had done decent in school and was on my way to college with a bright future until I met him.

He’d taken my heart right out my body the first day we met. Strikingly handsome and confident just to the brink of being conceited, Amare Dent had been so much different than the boys I’d dated in high school. Three years older than me, he had the swag of a grown man with a thug edge that was irresistible. Not only had he been my first love but he’d been my first experience with sex and even still nobody held a candle to the way that man touched and made love to me. The love that I thought was going to last an eternity, ended abruptly with him tossing me out on my ass with nothing. I’d never known him to be harsh or cruel, but 5 years ago I’d seen a side of him that I never knew existed. He’d played me and humiliated me leaving me with a broken heart and empty pockets.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been dumped. But what burned my insides was the fact that he’d made it. The man that was once a college dropout and street kid, was now one of the most successful entertainment managers in the music business.  He’d sky rocketed his best friend, Ty Grace, to R&B superstardom and had just recently started his own record label. Fooling around with Amare, I’d let my grades suffer and lost my scholarship while the advice I’d given him landed him in a successful career. Ha! I had to laugh out loud at the way things had played out.

I’d been the one to encourage him to get off the streets and into college. I’d been the girl that’d helped him with his business homework when he couldn’t understand the concepts. I’d been the one to encourage him to take that damn meeting with Ty and the record company that was trying to sign him even though he had no experience negotiating contracts. I’d made him who he was! And I reaped none of the benefits!  Instead I was out here bumming off my parents, going to community college part time and working a full time dead end job to support myself. How was this fair?

It wasn’t fair. Not in the least bit. Oh, but I was going to get mine. I’d convinced my parents that I’d gotten an internship in Atlanta and that I was moving back for the summer, possibly longer if the internship progressed into a full time job. Excited that I was actually taking showing some initiative, my parents had helped me pick out an apartment and paid the first couple months of rent so that I could have time to find a job. Little did they know, I wasn’t moving to Atlanta for school, but to school Amare in the art of revenge. It was time for me to hit the streets of Hotlanta and stir some shit up.





I’m just tryna get mine, I don’t have time to knock the hustle for real.” –Jay-Z


“Your ten o’clock meeting is here, Mr. Dent.” My assistant, Mina, hurried around me and set a pile of folders on my desk.  I sat in my chair and watched her pretty ass scurry around my office in her tight, knee length skirt.

“You can send her in in ten minutes. Can you direct the new client to the conference room, set them up with drinks and tell them I’ll be in shortly. Then you can take your break.”

“Will do, boss.” She smiled, revealing the porcelain veneers that her salary here had afforded her.

Loosening my tie, I looked around my office like I did daily, amazed at where I was in life. One event had put my life on a fast track and I had become the successful manager of some of the biggest acts in music. I was one year away from community college graduation and my best friend came to me begging me to take the place of the manager he’d fired, at a business meeting with a big record label. I tried to tell him that I didn’t know anything about negotiating contracts or the inside of the music business, but he insisted I’d learned enough in my business classes to get through the meeting. And he’d been right. That one meeting had launched the career of my best friend, Ty Grace, the biggest name in R&B right now. I’d dropped out of college and after I’d gotten his career off the ground, I had other acts beating down my door to get me to oversee their career. At 27, I was one of the youngest music managers and record label owners in the biz.

My loft office in the heart of Atlanta was massive; a separate seating area sat in the far corner, a bar and listening area in the right corner and my desk was pushed back towards the back wall that was floor to ceiling windows. I’d hired this one chick to decorate the place, since I didn’t know shit about interior design, and she’d done a dope job making it feel professional but “manly”. Most times this office was my second crib so it had to be a place I felt comfortable in and she’d nailed it. Standing up, I started to clear my desk when I heard her heels tapping against the wood floor.

“It’s a shame that I have to make an appointment to see my fiancé.” Brielle appeared at the door.

She looked beautiful and classy as usual in a cobalt blue wrap dress, snakeskin pumps and the white Louis Vuitton bag I’d bought her for her birthday.

“Hey babe.” I smiled at the sight of her. She was a welcome distraction from all the work that had been piled up on me in the last few weeks. She strutted towards me, her hips and breast slightly jiggling as she walked. She landed a soft kiss on my lips. I pulled her close to me, inhaling her exotic perfume.

“Do you have time for a quick bite? I could cancel with the girls.” she asked.

“I wish I did. I got a new client coming in in 20. And then I’m supposed to meet with Brent about a new artist he found. A chick name Grey. She’s so cold. She’s got the voice of a young Beyonce with an attitude like Rihanna. It’s a tricky combination but if I market it right, she could be a major money maker.”

“I love it when you get excited about new money.” She laughed, resting her head on my shoulder for a moment.  “Are we still going to be able to make it to your new artist’s listening party tonight?”

“Yeah. I know your last minute ass didn’t buy nothing to wear yet, so go grab something now and I should be through to your crib by 7.”

“Ok, baby.” She smacked one last kiss on my lips and switched towards the office door. She paused, then turned around to face me again. “You know, we don’t have to go. I’ve got the weekend off work and we could hop a flight…”

I cut her off. “Babe, how could I miss the listening party? This is a critical part of the artist’s journey…”She smiled broadly and I stopped talking. “What?”

“I just won a bet. Bet Mina that you’d give me the speech if I tried to talk you out of going to the party. $50 bucks in my pocket!”

I laughed. “You dead wrong for taking money from that girl. You make almost triple what she does.”

“Yeah, but you pay her well. She’ll re-coup. Now, I’ll see you later.” She blew a kiss in my direction and walked out my office.

Five years had come and gone and a lot of things had transpired. I’d forfeited school, taken a big risk and come up big time. I’d become a totally different person on order to fit into the music industry. I’d pushed the hood and my past to the back corner of my mind, and while I could never forget where I’d come from, I couldn’t take it with me completely to where I was headed. I was a business man now; someone who rubbed elbows with the most elite players in Hollywood; be it white, black, Asian or any other race in-between. Many had doubted me when I’d first started, including myself, but if anyone took a look around they’d know I’d definitely achieved a goal greater than most could dream.

I took a quick look in the mirror that hung next to my bookcase and smirked at my reflection. Dressed in a light grey, slim cut Armani suit, a black button down shirt with no tie, black Gucci belt and David Yurman cufflinks, I knew I looked like money. The Cartier watch, while understated, proved it and the Fendi loafers on my feet punctuated it. Satisfied with how I looked, I grabbed the information on my newest potential client and headed down the hall towards the conference room.




“One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha.” –Blondie

I’d only been in Atlanta for a few days but I’d already found him.  It wasn’t hard; he was a big name in the industry and his company along with the address had been on the internet. It’d been a long time since I’d seen him and my palms started to sweat at the thought of seeing his face again. I didn’t really have a plan in mind, but I knew that I needed to see him, see what he’d become and let that dictate how I’d tear his perfect fucking life down. I’d loved him and I believed part of that love I’d had was still there but he’d hurt me so bad that I still felt the effects of the fallout to this day. And that pain would soon be his.

Security was tight; I’d had to bypass two security guards and then I’d had to leave my driver’s license with them. They’d made me take the trek back to my car when they found my cell phone and I’d had to state my business and sign a log book. After I’d jumped through all the hoops, I walked up a flight of loft stairs that led me to a glass enclosed office. It was decorated sharply, with structured leather couches, glass tables and fresh bouquets of flowers scattered around the office. I recognized the music that was being played lightly as being on of Ty’s biggest hits,  a song called “Faded”, which had been one of my favorites. I looked up and saw Dent Records and Music Management on the wall behind the receptionist and the sight of his name gave me chills. I was pissed at all that he’d accomplished and slightly proud at the same time. Get yourself together, bitch. I said to myself. Emotions were going to have to take a backseat if I was going to get anything accomplished.  With a newsboy hat covering my hair which was pulled back in a bun and a large pair of sunglasses hiding my eyes, I approached the receptionist and waited until she got off the phone.

“Hello!” she sang. “Welcome to Dent Records, do you have an appointment?”

I had to think quickly. “Umm, no. But I’d like to make one.”

“Ok, no problem. Give me one second.”

As she fumbled with a few things at her desk, a pretty chick with long, auburn hair and flawless honey colored skin, approached the desk. She was dressed to kill and I recognized the designers she was rocking immediately. Suddenly I felt self-conscious in my non-designer jeans and knock-off bag. I guess it didn’t matter because she didn’t even glance my way before she spoke to the receptionist.

“Soo… you lost that bet, boo. Pay up!”

“Seriously?” the receptionist shook her head and smiled. “That damn Amare.”

The sound of his name sounded like nails on a chalkboard and I cringed involuntarily.

“He’s predictable if nothing else.” The pretty chick rolled her eyes mockingly. “Just pay me at the listening party.”

“Alright, Bri. See you there.”

The pretty chick looked up, like she’d just noticed I was standing there and frowned slightly. As I studied her face more closely, I’d realized she looked familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on where, but I’d definitely met her somewhere. She turned her nose up slightly and switched out of the office.

“Ok, miss. What’s your name?”

“Um. Uh. Jayla. Jayla Summers.” I gave her a fake name.

She typed something on the computer. “Ok and what is this appointment regarding?”

I hadn’t thought that far in advance. “Oh, uh. New talent. I was hoping to secure him as management for a new singing group.”

“Actually you’d have to go through Brent Skyworth first. Only after Mr. Skyworth approves the talent do you move to Mr. Dent for a meeting. Would you like to schedule an appointment with him?”

I’d started tuning her out because I had caught a glimpse of Amare coming out of his office.  My heart had stopped for the slightest of moments as I watched his gorgeous ass waltz out the room with a confident swagger that exuded power. He was dressed sharply in a grey suit and black loafers; gone were the jeans and Jordan’s I’d known him to wear. He’d grown a slight beard, cut his hair low and gained muscle it looked like, making him look like a more rugged Laz Alonso. Anger, regret, sadness and vengeance swarmed me like a tribe of bees as I watch him stride down the hall.

“Um, hello? Jayla?”

The receptionist brought me back to earth. “Yeah, yeah. Sorry.”

“Would next Thursday at 12 be fine?”

“Um actually, I’m going to have to get back to you on that. I’ll come back or call to schedule. I have to go.”

I turned around and almost jogged out the office, down the stairs and out the door. Seeing him had been different than I had expected. Love was still brewing in my heart and that wasn’t good. Falling back in love with Amare Dent was not on my list of things to do. Not in the least.  And I needed to keep it that way.

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Last Weekends Outfits!

Mar 12

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Since I never go anywhere but work and school during the week, I’ve decided to blog about my outfits that I put together for the weekend. This weekend I went to Tin Fish in Novi on Friday, shopping and a purse party on Saturday (i forgot to take a pic of the purse party outfit 😦 ) and to church and Shopping on Sunday.


What i Wore: Black sequenced bib top from  TJMaxx, black skinny jeans from JCPenney, Black Jessica Simpson Pumps from Nordtroms Rack and three tiered glitter ball earrings from  Windsor Store.


What I wore: Wide leg jeans from Nordstrom’s Rack, white tank from Dots, an orange front tie shirt from Old Navy, colorful leopard scarf from Icing’s, Leather jacket from Target and khaki booties from Target.


What I Wore: White sheath dress by JLo for Kohl’s, nude Sam Edelman slingbacks from Nordstom’s Rack, Leather  Jacket from Target, Chain necklace Sunglasses from Pitaya, Fringe Hoop Earrings from Icing’s.

What I  Wore: Black  Skinny jeans from JCPenney, black tank from  Forever21, Burgundy off the shoulder shirt from Forever21, Leather Jacket from Target, Leopard flats by BCBG from DSW, dainty charm necklace from Forever21

What do you think?

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He’s Your NEXT Not Your EX!

Mar 12

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By a show of hands, how many of you reading this have often mistaken your past relationship experiences with the ones that are yet to come? *Looks around the room* Yeah, me too. Unfortunately more often than not, we take experiences (good and bad) with us from previous relationships to current ones and sometimes it does more harm than good.

Take for example my situation. There were LOTS of problems in my last long term relationship; one of which being that I used to practically have to beg him to spend time with me. Many times I would make plans for us to do something together on the weekend and would end up being disappointed when he constantly canceled. On days where I knew he didn’t really have anything to

All i need in this life of sin....

do, I would suggest that we hang out and he would fumble around, reaching for an excuse for why he couldn’t . I think that this happened so much, that I eventually THOUGHT that was how most men operated and deemed it normal, reveling in the days that my plans were actually put in motion. Until I met my current boyfriend.

I found myself always asking if I could come over and double checking his answer to that question. I didn’t want to crowd him or just invite myself over when I wasn’t welcome (which in essence was what I was doing with my ex). Much to his confusion, he would have to coax me to come in after our dates, or continuously re-assure me that that there was nothing he’d rather do than spend time with me. After a while, I untrained my mind and got used to the idea that he actually wanted to hang with me and THAT was the way it was supposed to be in a HEALTHY relationship. “If I don’t have anything to do, why wouldn’t I want to spend the day with my girlfriend?” he asked me one day. It was a question I’d been asking my ex and one that I figured I’d already known the answer to.

My EX and my current boyfriend are two different people. They have some similarities, as most people do but they have two different personalities and views on relationships. It’s important to remember that going into a new relationship. Don’t treat your current man as if he was your ex. Give him the chance to prove that he’s someone different. You might just be surprised. :


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